WinWinWin - Refurbished Laptop J-352

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WinWinWin - Refurbished Laptop J-352
120 NIS

Good for the pocket, good for the environment AND  comes with a 1 year warranty. 


I recently researched a refurbished laptop for one of my clients. 

The specs:

14" monitor
500 GB Hard Disk
Windows 10

I found three models that fit the bill.  The one I recommended costs 1367 NIS + 120 NIS research fee = 1587 NIS including VAT.  This is about 1240 NIS less than a similar model -- sold new.

My recommended model received a score of 86/100 on one of my favorite sites. I usually charge 240 NIS for my research.  Write me with the discount code JANGLO JUNKY -- through the end of August -- for the 50% discount.

If you're looking for a laptop - you have to choose between 4900 different models sold new in Israel.  It helps to have some impartial, expert information....

When I research an item:

I check prices, reviews, features, availability in Israel, supplier reputation, and warranties.  I also factor in my own hands-on experience with various models and makes. 

At the end, I will send you a link to the best, lowest-priced refurbished laptop available in Israel that fits the specs-- as well as a link to an independent review.  I can, of course, process the order, deliver the computer, install needed programs and updates, transfer files, install printers and fax machines, etc. -- at my usual hourly fee.

Please note:  The attached picture is for illustrative purposes only.
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