A day-trip by TRAIN to Beit Shaan


A day-trip by TRAIN to Beit Shaan
Physical 30/08/2021 30/08/2021 Starts 09:50 Ends 19:40
[email protected]
From the Jerusalem/ Navon TRAIN-Station ירושלים

Our TRAIN club has  an all-day train trip to Beit Shaan - Monday 30th Aug

From Navon to TLV, to Haifa, to Beit Shaan and back. Free  -but buy an all-day combined train ticket [code 950 ] and bring money for the Kosher lunch in BS. 

We speak English and have commentary as we roll along the tracks. 

We always take the second to last train carriage - lower level. 

We will return on the 16.01 train from BS to the South. We expect to be back in Jerusalem at 19.35 PM.



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