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Sam Reizer, Holistic Hairdressing
02-563-4515, 054-487-2794
Yisrael Aharoni 7


My unique system of cutting hair and years of experience give each client a haircut that looks great, is easy to manage, and lasts, important to my clients' wash-and-wear lifestyle.

My approach to both cut and color is to create a natural look that enhances the client’s face.

A crucial part of a haircut or color is discussion of the effect, movement and shape you desire in advance. I work with the texture and nature of your hair to provide creative solutions. I anticipate and plan for growth so that your haircut will continue to look good as it grows out.

  • “Natural Plus” - I aim to create a convincing color with  subtle richness, one that lasts and looks good as it grows out. Often my clients report that no one notices their color at all. I use color products that offer maximum effect and keep the hair healthy.

  • A relaxed ambiance – My easily-accessed salon offers a pleasant experience, with plenty of free parking. I work alone in calm, comfortable surroundings, with one client at a time.

  • Great value - I can give you a great haircut that will continue to look good as your hair grows out – and I can do it over and over again.

If you have any questions or would like any advice about your hair, please call me.

Samuel Reizer

phone: 02-563-4515, 054-487-2794

Yisrael Aharoni 7, Katamon, Jerusalem

accessible from buses 13, 22, 24


Clients Satisfaction

1 year ago

Sam is the absolute best! Very attentive, I trust him 250% with my hair and I never trusted any hairdresser... He listens to what you want and therefore make what corresponds to you. Very profesionnal, you can tell he loves what he is doing! Highly recommended. Also the best with hair color.

Thea Hurwitz
2 years ago

Wonderful guy and great haircuts.

Zev Stub
2 years ago

Verified review posted by Sarah Cohen: I have been a client of Sams for upwards of 20 years. I originally came to Sam on the recommendation of a workmate, when I was looking for someone who knew how to handle curly / wavy hair. And Sam is an expert! The secret to his cuts and color, is Sam is a great listener! How many times have you gone to the hairdresser and come out crying?! With Sam that will never happen, for the simple reason that he listens to what YOU want and does not try to railroad you into that cut or color that "everyone is wearing" this season. Sam has a common-sense, down-to-earth approach -- his cuts always take into account the natural texture of MY hair, so that the cut he does will suit my hair and face and lifestyle (like how much time I want to spend setting it, etc). Even when I was growing my hair out from short-and-spiky to soft-and-curly to long-and-wavy, Sam was always 100% supportive and listened to what I wanted, explained clearly what we would do to achieve the look I was going for, and then cut it beautifully so the hair would hang nicely and becomingly whether I wore it "natural" and air-dried, or when I ironed it, or wore it up. In the last 15 years or so I have been a steady client for color as well as cuts. Sam is fabulous with color!! We have cycled through a few looks over the years, and he has always patiently helped me get just the right shade. I am always getting compliments on my hair color, and I always tell people the same thing: "its thanks to my colorist, he is a genius!" Lastly I must say a word about Sams place. The main thing is, it is quiet! I always disliked visiting busy salons with dozens of dryers running, phones ringing, music on and people gossiping over the roar of the dyers.. At Sams place it is quiet and relaxing, like an oasis of sanity in our crazy times. He never double-books clients. There is convenient free parking (he is on a quiet residential street). And there is always a cup of tea and a friendly chat.

Andrea Katz
More than satisfied
2 years ago

I have been going to Sam Reizer for many years....having followed him from his previous salons to being a loyal customer when branched out on his own. Needless to say, I am more than satisfied with the way he does my hair which, being very curly, usually has a mind of its own. He listens to what I want and his suggestions are always spot-on while willing to experiment. My frequent visits to his salon (to keep my mop short and stylish) are always a highlight because I am pampered with goodwill, good music and a good self-image. (Verified review imported by Janglo)

Riza Jungreis
Professional and a mensch
2 years ago

I have been a client of Sam for more than 10 years and I am very happy with my hair. The first time Sam cut my hair I remember a shopkeeper whom I didn't know that well noticing my haircut! The apartment he works in just off Palmach street is convenient , has parking, is very clean, bright and welcoming. I have recommended Sam to my friends,clients, and even my Mother! Everyone is very pleased ( and my mother is not an easy customer). Sam is professional and a mensch. He listens carefully and I have the feeling that my haircut is the result of teamwork. I warmly recommend Sam! (Verified review imported by Janglo)