IAnglo Auto Leasing Israel's First and the Best!


IAnglo Auto Leasing Israel's First and the Best!
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Jordan Valley Israel


iAnglo-Auto-Association is the original and most trusted automobile leasing/financing company devoted solely to the English-speaking public in Israel.   

We Too are Olim    

We experienced and remember vividly the anxiety associated with acquiring an automobile in Israel.  Purchase, lease, and finance options on the surface seem familiar but in reality, are different - not to mention language complications.   

How you pay for your car is as important as the model you choose, leasing is the 21st-century, modern, "Smart" option.  Here are 2 examples of the savings you can expect each month over conventional 60-month financing.

  • Save 37% on the economical Hyundai i10 lease payment just (862 ₪) per month 
  • Save 27% on the popular SUV KIA Stonic lease payment just (1366 ₪) per month


All new 2021 car leases feature 

  • Full factory bumper to bumper warranty
  • Short 36-month contract
  • Easy early termination options.

You can build your own lease package and include the options you want into the monthly price

  1. automobile insurance
  2. routine maintenance    
  3. tires, brakes, battery replacement
  4. pick up and delivery service
  5. automated vehicle tracking (an exclusive iAnglo leasing feature)

We are authorized representatives for a variety of leasing agencies, our network, and internal customer service department will provide you westernized experience.

It all begins with a 30-minute video or telephone consultation which you can request by clicking this link.  

You owe it to yourself and your family to investigate this option before making any major automobile financing decisions.   


We look forward to meeting you!

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Clients Satisfaction

Zev Stub
9 months ago

Hezy is great!

Shaun Friedlander
Must use service
11 years ago

When it came to buying a car in Israel I was completely lost. If it wasn't for Hezy I would still probably be lost today. He was honest, punctual, and very knowledgeable of his trade. In my opinion no Anglo (or Israeli) should even think about buying unless they have spoken to Hezy. Thanks Hezy! Looking forward to doing business with you in the future!

michael grunsfeld
to buy a car in israel
11 years ago

there is no like hezy of ianglo wow i bought my car through him.he nursed me helped me spoke to the seller for me when ever i had a problem.. he also found me a fantastic volvo at well under the second hand list price.he also put me in touch with a very honest decent car company.i am an oleh from the uk and have been buying cars for over 40 years THERE IS NO ONE LIKE HEZY TRY HIM YOU WILL BE A THRILLED AS ME MICHAEL GRUNSFELD NOT 5 STARS I WOULD GIVE HIM A THOUSAND PLUS