Simonetix - Taxpay umbrella company


Simonetix - Taxpay umbrella company

A guide to freelance and contractor umbrella companies

If you’re a freelancer or contractor, you may have heard a lot of talk about organizations like Simonetix L.t.d  – but what is an umbrella company? Well, we aim to make life easier for freelancers and contractors, by giving them employee status, our contractors/freelancers enjoy all the support and security of an employment as well as the freedom of being their own boss. But how does an umbrella company work? We’ll explain it all in this step-by-step guide.

1.Become a Simonetix  L.t.d umbrella company employee. You can do it online and it only takes a few minutes.

2.Do what you do best – provide your specialist skills to a range of companies and clients. All you need to do is tell us the name of the client.

3.Fill in your timesheets and provide details of any legitimate business expenses.

4.We will invoice and receive the money that is due to you.

5.We can ensure you’re business expenses are offset against your taxable pay, maximizing your take home pay.

6.We deduct the correct amount of income tax and social security from your wages before sending them on to you – so you’ll avoid the hassle of a tax return, and the costly mistakes that can be made when filling it in.

7.Receive your full montly wage direct to your bank account.

 It really is that simple. As you can see, umbrella companies for contractors and freelancers can offer a drastic reduction in paperwork, so you’re free to get on with your work.

 However, what many of our employees like best about Simonetix is the security and protection an umbrella company provides.

Our service is a good solution for US citizens!

 Meanwhile, you’ll have the freedom to choose your assignments, projects and working hours – so for many freelancers and contractors, an umbrella company is the best of both worlds.

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