PHOTO ESSAY: Jerusalem Machine Matzah Bakery (just-released new presentation format)


PHOTO ESSAY: Jerusalem Machine Matzah Bakery (just-released new presentation format)

View the new release of "Jerusalem Machine Matzah Bakery," a 2013 photo essay by photographer and filmmaker Judah S. Harris, that just went public and has received 10K views as of chol hamoed Pesach. The updated presentation, using Adobe Spark, includes sharper photos and text, some motion in the transitions, and a better mobile viewing experience. Step inside the Em Hachita factory, in northern Jerusalem, and follow the process of making machine matzah (as opposed to the handmade variety), from start to finish. 
Before viewing the photo essay, you'll be able to read a short story the photographer tells over that took place last month aboard the Jerusalem light rail, about a man who got on with a couple loaves of bread and took a seat right next to him. 
This is not Judah's first photo essay on the process of making matzah. When a handful of photographs from his photo essay of a NYC matzah bakery were published in the New York Times in March 2010, close to 2500 people headed to his website to view the entire series.
Next matzah project? "I want to do a short film on the subject," says Judah, who lives in Jerusalem, but also maintains a strong presence in the New York area, where he does assignments and offers event photography. There's a bakery in Brooklyn that I visited when scouting in 2010. It had the right mood, including a color palette that I found appealing. I didn't get permission then, but I think they'd oblige for the right project. It's in all of our interest to see this up close, portrayed well."

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