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Jan 02, 2024 | Events | Workshops | National
NLP Life Skills Seminar
Virtual (Zoom, FB, Youtube, etc) 04/01/2024 04/01/2024 Starts 08:45 Ends 09:15
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How to Make Less Mistakes in Life
Part 3

True or false?
"The way to a man's heart is through his stomach..."

This is a well-known saying....

iy"H In the upcoming seminar we will examine two types of beliefs and how they can cause us to err.

The linguistic term for the first belief, quoted above, is "Lost Performatives" . These are statements that are characterized by making a value judgement without stating whose opinion it is. Furthermore the person omits what criteria were used to make the judgement.

Sometimes these sayings and maxims are so widespread that people just assume that they must be true.

Here are other examples .
The following are not popular sayings or maxims, but nevertheless fit the criteria stated above.
"I heard that the right thing to do in this situation is ___"
"People say that it is important to ___"
​"Experts in the field have proven that__"

The following can also be included in this category (even though the "author" of the belief is known)

"In my opinion ___"
"I feel that we should___"
"He thinks that we ought to __"

What causes people to make mistakes is that there will usually be exceptions when a "Lost Performative" is not applicable to a certain person or situation. And, worse, sometimes these beliefs may be totally false.

"Universal Quantifiers" is the second type of belief we will learn about.

"I never do anything right"
"Nobody likes me"
"I always make good decisions"

"Universal Quantifiers" are defined as words that presuppose total inclusion or exclusion. While sometimes these beliefs are true ("Shabbat always comes after Friday"), there are usually exceptions.

The seminar is given by Rabbi Shlomo Kory, Certified Master-Practitioner of NLP.

This Thursday evening, כג' טבת, Jan. 4 at 8:45 PM The seminar is free and on Zoom.

To receive the Zoom link email me at [email protected] .


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