Voice Teacher / Singing Lessons


Voice Teacher / Singing Lessons

Professional Voice Teacher

Do you love to sing and dream of hitting those high notes with precision and ease? 

Do you want to find your true voice, feel confident, and express your creativity? 

Nechama Leah Music Studio can help you become the singer you want to be. Whether your goal is to be the best shower singer ever or a professional performer, my aim is to bring out your natural voice in the healthiest and most beautiful way possible. In voice lessons you’ll learn proper breath support, resonance and tone production, tension release, and phrasing and musicality.

I offer private and small group singing lessons to women and girls in Jerusalem (French Hill). 

Online vocal lessons now available on Zoom!  You can learn to sing from the comfort of your home. 

I have a Bachelor of Music (Vocal Performance) Degree and over 10 years teaching experience.  My professional experience includes Opera, Musical Theater, Pop, Jazz, R&B/Soul, and Choral music. 

For more information or to book a lesson, visit: www.nechamaleahmusic.com or contact me via email or phone.  I look forward to being a part of your singing journey. 

Nechama Leah Dahan

058-610-5351 (Whatsapp/Call)

[email protected]

Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/NechamaLeahMusic

Website: www.nechamaleahmusic.com