Need a Handyman? Call Meir Roth & Get American Quality


Need a Handyman? Call Meir Roth & Get American Quality
050-667-6953 [email protected]

Need apartment maintenance or facelift jobs? Call Now or Never handyman, Meir Roth, for small repairs and light construction at 050-667-6953.

Meir has 10 years experience in the field, and cares deeply about doing each job thoroughly. As he says, "I can't take it when I see half finished jobs. It bothers me to see corners cut. For example, in a job today that involved painting, I spent hours removing paint spots off the floor, a cleanup task that many others would leave the client  to do."

Meir does the following jobs:

- Installing and repairing light fixtures. For example, toddlers recently  pulled out spotlights installed on the floor of a upscale apartment. Meir repaired them and glued them in so that the children shouldn't be able to pull them out again.

- Locating water leaks, fixing and painting  them over so that the piping lasts and the walls/ceiling look new.

- Putting up shelves and mirrors,  hanging pictures, building Ikea type furniture and similar jobs. 

He speaks English, Hebrew and Yiddish and can give references on request.

Call Meir now and get someone else to take care of your headaches. 050-667-6953.