Refuah for HIV and Hepatitis C


Refuah for HIV and Hepatitis C

I am offering holistic visualization treatments, for certain types of cancers (lung cancer, melanoma, and other sun related skin cancers or pre-cancers), Hepatitis C and HIV.

Recently a man we have treated for two years for HIV was told by his doctors at Ichilov that the HIV had disappeared from his blood. At the time he was told this, he was not taking the prescribed medication. We are currently seeking to unseal his record to verify the success.

Our treatment is free, however, we will appreciate a donation covering transportation fees from Tel Aviv to your location.  For more information contact [email protected] or call 0775505627 or 050-3838119. Please leave a message if I am not at home. 

Note our treatments are complementary medical visualization treatments in which we bring n art object to your home that you can look at once or occasionally. We recommend that all patients who are taking our treatment all take all the treatment that their licensed physicians are recommending for their condition.


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sara maimon
not in the Torah
7 years ago

I believe most Torah scholars would tell you to go to a licensed physician.