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Yeul Sachir

Lawyers, psychologists, counselors, advisors, professors, lecturers, website builders, translators and more, Yeul Sachir is seeking to employ you in our company. We invoice your clients for you, at the end of the month you receive a salary. We do all your accounting, taxation, pension. We save you money (you don’t need to worry about running your own business) and save you time (we take care of all the bureaucracy).

Check our web site out or phone us 02-6510666

Yeul Sachir - we create your invoices, thus there’s no need for you to open your own business. You continue to be self employed, being your own supervisor and keep your customers for yourself alone. And on the other hand you have the peace of mind, lack of bureaucracy and social benefits that are part of working as a salaried employee.

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