Simcha Stream-Live broadcasting


Simcha Stream-Live broadcasting

Have a simcha coming up?

An engagement? wedding? Bar/Bat-Mitzvah? Brit Milah for your son? 

Do you have family and friends outside of Israel that want to take part of your simcha but can't make it? Then Simchastream is the solution for you!

Simchastream, Powered by Midabrim Communications, will stream your simcha over the Internet in FULLHD quality , allowing your family and friends to be a part of your simcha from afar! Simchastream uses the most advanced technology in order to bring the simcha to any Internet-enabled computer for very reasonable prices.

Our newest feature enables us to bring the viewers to the simcha !!!! Yes there is no mistake here, you can see whos watching and have a conversation with them, dance with them, or even walk down the isle. All they need is a webcam and they can join in.

For more information please email us [email protected] or call 072-2462070. May we share in many Simchastreams together!

*Midabrim Communications broadcasts funerals as well

** Services can be provided all over israel 

Why to choose simchastream?

Simchastream's staff are network engineers and professional videographers, we put an emphasis on the network first in order to ensure a smooth stream with highest bitrate possible. In addition we use special equipment which we can broadcast up to 1080p over the internet using many connections as one, unlike most companies who broadcast using only 1 connection with a possibility of using one server only. Having the possibility of using all the connections ensures a smooth broadcast without the viewers getting frustrated.

In addition since simchastream is powered by Midabrim Communications our network connections are constantly monitored by technicians during the event with technical support for the viewers.  

Our Professional videographers work in close relationship with most cinematographers and are their #1 choice for broadcasting, because of the quality and professionalism.