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Jerusalem Business Networking Forum-JBNF

JBNF (the Jerusalem Business Network Forum) is focused on developing Jerusalem business. Our vision is to make Jerusalem rival Tel Aviv and Herzliya!

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In the last five years since we started, we have succeeded beyond our wildest imagination. We have over 1600 members , made $25 million of deals between our members through networking and found over 100 people jobs. Most important is that many JBNFers have reported that their first business deal was made through our JBNF networking activities.

Jerusalem Business Networking Forum-JBNF

We meet approximately once a month and have four types of activities:
(1) Meeting with important contacts in Israeli business or government
(2) Tutorials and talks on marketing and business development
(3) Meetings with foreign businesspeople or delegations
(4) Mega-networking events where using speed-dating techniques gets every participant to meet 20-30 new JBNFers - these serendipitous events create surprisingly a lot of opportunities for our members. During such events, business development experts give presentations on elevator pitches, first contact strategies and meetings followup.   

The formal presentations at the JBNF events are kept short and we always offer ample time for plenty of networking among the event participants.

Our target is that in the next 4-5 years,  JBNF will grow to 5000 members and create 500 million$ of new business for JBNFers. We welcome all the help and support we can get to achieve these goals.

The JBNF promotes business networking among primarily English speaking professionals in business, high tech and investment fields in Jerusalem. Each meeting features a speaker or panel of speakers on a different topic relating to business in Jerusalem. Even if you don't live in Jerusalem (or even Israel) or never come to the lectures- it is still worthwhile to join our membership and post your profile up. Joining JBNF is free of charge. Meetups are free of charge unless announced (depending on the venue.)