Kitchen designer


Kitchen designer

Are you considering a kitchen renovation but you’re not sure what the next step is? Did you recently buy a home “on paper” and want to make changes to the kitchen offered?

A freelance kitchen designer will take you through the entire process of kitchen design and renovation from A to Z.

Why not just go to a kitchen company?

Kitchen companies are usually wildly overpriced and many will rush you through the design process, not giving proper thought to the needs of a religious or larger family. Designing a kitchen properly is a process that requires time and thought, not to be rushed through for the sake of signing a contract with a company. They will push you into purchasing more expensive gadgets, without properly explaining to you the pros and cons of each item. Another disadvantage to purchasing through a kitchen company is that they won’t allow you to leave their showroom with a plan, which makes it impossible to compare prices between competing kitchen companies.

What can a freelance kitchen designer offer you?

·A thorough and comprehensive explanation of materials and hardware

·A guide to the latest kitchen fashions and gadgets

·The best way to utilize your budget, making sure that you get the kitchen you need without taking unnecessary shortcuts

·Recommendations for carpenters

·A comprehensive over view that will help guide you through the complicated and overwhelming process of renovating your kitchen.

·A complete set of kitchen designs including electrical, plumbing and lighting plans

I am a certified kitchen and bathroom designer with 12 years of experience in this field. I am English and Hebrew speaking and have worked alongside both Jewish and Arab carpenters. If you need someone who will listen to what you want, is time efficient, easy to deal with and will help you make up your mind, then call:

Claire Rotter


[email protected]