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BH SECURITY Alarms Systems | Security Cameras | Intercoms | Internet Lines | Sound Systems

Your Peace of Mind is Our Mission! 

What we do:

  • HI-TECH SECURITY SYSTEMS: Wireless & Wired Security Systems, Indoor/Outdoor Anti-mask Detectors, Door/Window Detectors, Specialized detectors that avoid excess false alarms (pets, weather conditions, trees/bushes), Invisible Laser Beams, & more!
  • SECURITY CAMERAS: Wireless & wired HD Cameras, IP Cameras, Hidden Cameras, Rotating Surveillance Cameras, & more!
  • INTERCOMS: Intercom installation, intercom repair. We deal with all models, including: hands-free intercom, video intercom, landline-controlled intercoms
  • PA SYSTEMS: Custom installations of PA Sytems to suit your needs.
  • HOME HAZARD DETECTORS: Gas, Smoke, Carbon Monoxide (CO), Flood detectors.

Who do we service?

Private homes, companies, buildings, factories, storage sites, schools & stores.

Why choose us?

  • Friendly, professional service
  • English speaking (also Hebrew & Spanish!)
  • Haimish
  • Reliable
  • Highly competitive prices
  • Registered business
  • Obligation-free quote & advice
  • Neat work (we clean up after ourselves!)
  • Great customer service
  • Many happy referrals!


054 725 4914 

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We had our home alarm system fitted by BH Security and have been delighted with it, both in terms of its functionality and its kashrut for Shabbat. We have found BH security to be a pleasure to deal with and the boss, Benjamin Patino is extremely pleasant, highly competent, honest and respectful. I can highly recommend them.
David Krasner from RBS


Clients Satisfaction

Naomi G
Very pleased
1 year ago

I highly recommend Binyamin from BH security. He did a great job with our alarm and very patiently explained how to use it and is always very available if we have any questions- or if something comes up. He knows his field very well- and was even able in a matter of a couple minutes to fix some other issues we had been having related to an old system that other ppl had not been able to figure out in over an hour! Very pleased and highly recommend- and in addition- he

David L
1 year ago

We consulted Binyamin at BH Security many times regarding our security needs. He was always patient and offered loads of advice. The installation was clean and professional. He is genuinely customer focused and we are happy that our requirements were delivered and exceeded.

tzvi G
home alarm system
1 year ago

I highly recommend Benyamin from BH Security for installing your home alarm system. He is knowledgeable, responsive, reasonably priced, and overall a pleasure to work with.

david D
1 year ago

excellent service
1 year ago

Highly recommend BH for your home security needs. Benyamin gave us a very professional proposal with all aspects of our specific situation considered. Installers were competent, polite and neat. Finished job conformed to estimate, with all adjustments discussed and agreed upon up front - no surprises. BH was a pleasure to work with, and Benyamin's excellent English was a plus.

Outstanding on all accounts
2 years ago

I was looking for a new security system for my apartment, and for someone who would patiently answer all my questions and provide me with the service I expect as a former American resident. I highly recommend Binyamin from BH Security for all your security needs. He was patient, knowledgeable, and friendly. He considered my security needs and then recommended the best system for me. He did not try to oversell me something I didn't need. His prices are quite reasonable as well. What I liked best was that in spite of the fact I asked him many, many questions on different occasions, he always remained calm, respectful and professional. He also responds quickly. I give Binyamin permission to give my contact information if anyone wants more information. Outstanding on all accounts! Jeffrey Glanz

Meltz H
BH installed our alarm/cameras RBS
2 years ago

Miriam E
Very pleased
2 years ago

I used Binyamin, BH Security systems, and had a wonderful experience. His is very knowledgeable, very kind and very patient. Very good customer service and well mannered. Arrived promptly and worked diligently. Definitely look forward to continue working with him, very very happy with him. I Highly recommend him!

Abraham K
200% recomendation
2 years ago

Hi - Binyamin from BH Security is amazing. I have had a system for 2 years - his work is immaculate. He follows up - if you have questions after the job is done he is available. 200% recommendation - I am a US tax lawyer / CPA and need good security for my office - I wouldn't go with anyone else. He secured both my home, office, and outside of the building. Couldn't be happier. Inside wiring is NEAT - I have seen some really bad jobs in other houses by contractors - I used Binyamin to also do the wiring in my office - it is amazing, he knows where to place things and gives everything a lot of thought. Glowing recommendations all around - Avraham K

Mike F
Alarm system for our Shul
2 years ago

BH Security worked extra hard to find just the right solution for our specific needs ... and then they gave us an excellent price and great service. I highly recommend.

Outstanding service
2 years ago

We chose BH Security Israel to install our home security system and have been extremely pleased with the results. Binyomin is very knowledgeable in his field and used his expertise to design a system that would provide optimal security for our home while addressing our specific needs. From a customer service standpoint, Binyomin has been a true pleasure. The enthusiasm clearly apparent in his service is driven by both his true caring for his clients and his love of the security field. Binyomin always arrives with a smile and with a sincere motivation to help. He is patient, friendly, and honest. We would definitely recommend BH security for your security needs! Yakob K

Josh B
A pleasure to deal with BH Security
2 years ago

I have had the privilege of using the services of BH Security and I must say he was very professional and extremely courteous,a pleasure to deal with. His work was very neat and tidy and his after care service was excellent.I would strongly recommend anybody who wants a trouble and hassle free installation Only to use BINYOMIN from BH SECURITY JOSH BLAIR LONDON/JERUSALEM

Naomi Most
Camera and Alarm system Jerusalem
2 years ago

BH solutions did an amazing job installing a very high end high quality security system in my home. He is responsible, reliable and Does amazing work.

Rivka Ester
Great job BH Security ,RBS A
2 years ago

Rarely have I had the opportunity to deal with such a mild-mannered tradesman who really is an expert in his field. I was delighted to have Benyamin advise me about which security system to install. When I was finally ready to have him come, he went out of his way to accommodate my schedule and completed his work in a timely fashion. Benyamin carries only the highest quality systems, so I felt that my money was being spent for quality apparatus as well as quality service. I would recommend him without hesitation to anyone wishing to investigate security solutions.

Upgrading our alarm (Ramot B jerusalem)
2 years ago

I am very pleased with the work that their technician did for us .He is honest and professional.

Intercom for JBC Jerusalem
3 years ago

I am a secretary at the offices of Jerusalem Business Centre (Jerusalem). Benyamin came on Monday to install our new intercom system. His service was of an outstanding level. He was punctual, friendly and worked methodically ensuring there was no extra messess or disturbances. He completed the job in a professional manner and he was a pleasure to have around our offices, ensuring we were 100% satisfied with everything. I would strongly recommend BH Security

Alarm ,cams Swedish embassy residence
3 years ago

BH security has installed all of our security system within our diplomatic entity. I highly recommend this company for its expertise, professionalism and seriousness. Benyamin has been present at all times to make sure everything is perfect and well understood on our part. A big thank-you Y Security Coordinator. Consulate General of Sweden

Cams RBS A
3 years ago

I want to thank BH Security for their professionalism in spending time with us discussing with us discussing the correct equipment for our apartment. Their install was very neat and optimized ,the best placement for our cams. We would be more than happy to recommend them to all who are in need of professional security services.

fixing cams review RBS A
3 years ago

I used BH security for the first time and I was really impressed with their work and price but most of all the customer care was outstanding. I would highly recommend them for all security need

Intercom install review
3 years ago

Benyamin their technician installed our new intercom system. He came when he said he would and was pleasant to work with. He did excellent work and cleaned up after the job. We are happy with the system and highly recommend them .

4 years ago

We were very pleased with the installation services provided by BH Solutions. Benyamin is a real "mensch," and a pleasure to work with. He took the time to answer all of our questions, made sure that our cameras were optimally placed and oriented, and showed us how to use the associated software.

4 years ago

I'm am so happy that I found BH Solutions! Having an alarm system that doesn't function has become a cultural cliche. I suffered years of frustration trying to get someone to set up my system so that it would actually work like it's supposed to. No one would actually take the responsibility to do so until BH Solutions came on the scene. They gave me a full assessment as well options as to how to move forward. They were very professional, reliable, and friendly to boot! Their solutions were helpful, technically savvy, and resonantly priced. And their customer service is over and beyond anything I have experienced in the home services industry. Truly remarkable and deserving of both respect and patronage.

fixed our cam. Ramot Jerusalem
4 years ago

Our camera wasn't working ,their technician came the day after we called ,was very professional and easy to work with .Thank you very much

Sec System and intercom Ramot B Jer
4 years ago

It was a great experience having them install our security system and intercom .They followed up and gave very good explanations of the features that we needed.They came at time, all detectors etc they installed look great ,neat,no wires etc.They gave a really detailed explanation on how to use the systems.They hooked us up with a great moked. Again, was a great experience.

Wireless security system review RBS A
4 years ago

Benyamin their technician is very knowledgeable about home and business security systems.His prices were fare and the products were top quality. He just asked the right questions until he hit the nail(my needs).He not only tested that the security system works with the features that i wanted but also trained me on how to use it and provided a personalized video as he walked us through on how to arm disarm ,view alerts etc.Thanks BHSecurity well done .

Review cams for store
4 years ago

BH security installed cams in my store and did a terrific job. They also helped me erev chag. Their service is excellent. Their technician set the cams according to my likes and even cleaned all the mess .I definitely recommend them to anybody that wants a good service and good cameras.

Review wireless security system
4 years ago

Hi, BHsecurity installed by us a wireless security system,their service was great,they didn't leave until the system was tested with the settings that were just right for us, they cleaned after themselves, they we really helpful in answering all our questions, they thought me patiently how to use the system .I definitely recommend them.

great service
4 years ago

Bh solutions fixed my intercom. The previous renter mentioned that actually it never worked. I really liked their service, I just had to call once and that's it, they took care of it. I have to admit their technician was very honest and professional,he didn't replace anything, just fixed it,saving the building thousands of shekels for a new intercom. Also he was very neat,he closed all the wire boxes and cleaned the mess. I totally recommend them

4 years ago

BH solutions moved our security system to our new apartment,i am very impressed with their service, their technician was very professional and caring, he gave us all the options to ensure we have peace of mind from the system. We felt in good hands, he took care of the whole process up to the very end, ensuring that the system works and that we know how to use it We definitely recommend bh solutions to anyone that wants a great service.

4 years ago

Hi my name is BJ and we had the pleasure of having BH Solutions install a complete alarm system as well as a smoke and gas detector. The service was incredible, and the honesty and integrity of Binyomin is truly unique. I highly recommend anyone who is looking for an alarm system to use BH Solutions.

Stu Goss
4 years ago

BH Systems comes highly recommended by me. They essentially took a system whom I inherited from the houses previous owner, but was not functional for my family. They adapted the system to give me a working alarm system with what was there, avoiding the cost of replacing the entire system. They also worked with us, by giving evening and Friday morning hours, thus avoiding the "that's not what I expected" syndrome, after working with the technician over the phone. Comes highly recommended by me.

5 years ago

they installed wireless security system for my house,they were amazing,professional,caring and neat,i would defenetely recomend them

5 years ago

They were great in installing my carbon monoxide and smoke detector, I'd want them to come back if I ever decide on getting the gas leak one too. The whole time I felt that they knew exactly what they were doing and that it was well thought out as to where to place each detector to be most effective. They also explained what to do in case of emergency. The one alarm already went off the other day! (I was frying a lot and didn't realize the kitchen was smoking up, I was both shocked and happy by the detector sounding..yikes). I'd definitely recommend their services and will surely keep them in mind if I ever need any other security needs. Thank you for making me feel safer in my home.