Online English language classes- Dovrim.


Online English language classes- Dovrim.

Our company, משרד החיוך, specializes in teaching English through computers and technology. Whether you have the latest gadgets or an old computer we can create an enriching, engaging, low priced, English language learning program for you.

We specialize in providing solutions for native English speaking families who believe their child is not gaining enough from the ‘Dovrei Anglit’ class they undertake at school. We understand private tutors are expensive so we are providing a highly effective alternate solution.

For information, a free quote, or free demonstration in your home.

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Clients Satisfaction

Great way for my son to learn English
7 years ago

My son finished a summer computer program with Nick- to help him with his reading. He was really nice and professional. Very generous with his time. My son loved it and learned a lot.