Music therapy for all ages


Music therapy for all ages
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Maaley HaCastel, Mevasseret Zion

Music therapy embraces your innate ability to integrate life's challenges and adapt. You don’t need any musical training to receive music therapy. Music is our first language and it addresses our deepest feelings and self-awareness. It can reach places that words can’t.

I am grateful to invite you (or someone you care for) to experience an intervention that allows you to express and process painful feelings; resolve conflicts; explore therapeutic issues; and find inner peace, as you rediscover your creative process.

I am a qualified music therapist with many years of experience working in educational and mental health fields with adults and children of all ages. I have worked with developmental challenges, neurological syndromes, trauma, depression, relationship issues and physical and mental health problems. I am able to counsel and consult with individuals and organisations caring for challenged children, youth and adults of all ages.

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