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Women's Physical Therapy Clinic

Hello all!
I am excited to announce the opening of a new private and lovely women’s physical therapy clinic in the Talbiyeh area.
Educated at Brown University and Haifa University, I am a physical therapist, fluent in English and Hebrew, who believes that the body, with a little guidance, can heal itself.  
As a mother of two, I already know how much change our bodies experience as we progress through different life stages. I chose to open a clinic for women in order to address our special needs and to provide treatment in a supportive and fun-loving atmosphere.

You are welcome to schedule an appointment or to simply call and talk things over if you are dealing with, among other things: muscle and joint pain; weak pelvic floor muscles; post-birth issues, sports injuries, balance and/or difficulty walking; preparation for, or recovery from, joint replacement surgery, and lymphedema. 

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