Ulpan La-Inyan


Ulpan La-Inyan

Ulpan La-Inyan provides a comprehensive Hebrew-learning experience focusing on the skills needed for conversation. To that end, we employ the Pimsleur language learning method. To read more about our program and the method, see here

The curriculum is based on the Pimsleur method, which draws the student into a virtual conversation between native speakers, teaching them all they need to participate in this conversation with correct pronunciation and grammar - seamlessly and intuitively.

Our Jerusalem classes take place at Jerusalem AACI at 37 Pierre Koenig, 4th floor. Our Tel Aviv classes take place at Hamasger 56.
We offer private lessons, semi-private lessons, group classes, and government reimbursed classes for new olim in many locations throughout Israel. 
If you are interested, please take our Placement Test and we will get back to you with study options.