Math/English Tutor - All levels


Math/English Tutor - All levels
0528 555 342 [email protected]

Highly Experienced Math/English Tutor available

* Teaching privately for over 10 years - all levels (Elementary School, High School, SAT, GRE, etc.)

* Has taught over 10 SAT/GRE courses in the top Israel standardized test prep schools.

* Quickly assess the individual student's strengths and weaknesses.

* Uses various teaching techniques to ensure student comprehends the necessary material.

* Trains the student to maximize testing environments and question-styles of each test.

Call 0528 555 342, or email [email protected] for further info.

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Clients Satisfaction

Julia Shubin
7 years ago

Ahuva is a very nice and professional person. She readily takes an initiative and leads you to success. Very punctual and flexible with a schedule. Thanks to her, in a fairly short period of time, my English has improved dramatically to a level which was noted and praised by the examiner on IELTS exam. Highly recommend.

Ian Zeifman
Great Tutor
9 years ago

Ahuva tutored me for a university level math course this past semester. During the 5 weeks that I had to prepare, she was readily available to meet and showed significant interest in my progress of grasping the material. She is passionate in her teaching and made learning fun. I highly recommend her if in need of a tutor in Jerusalem.

Jennifer Bayer
9 years ago

Ahuva has worked with my daughter and son to support and review math curriculum and homework. She is smart, sensitive, funny and warm - made the math accessible and gave the kids (in different ways, each appropriate to their personalities) the self-confidence they needed to stay on top of the work and excel. She takes initiative and is a great communicator. Highly recommend!