FREE video presentations this week!


Feb 15, 2020 | Events | Jerusalem & Area
FREE video presentations this week!

The Israel Center is pleased to offer the following very special video presentations — AT NO CHARGE! Israel Center, 22 Keren HaYesod St; 560-9100


Mon, Feb 17 - 2:00 - Hanna's War (1988) - Rescheduled from her 75th Yahrzeit due to technical problems - Dramatization of life of Hannah Senesh HY"D. At 18 she left Hungary for Israel. At 22 she joined British Army and volunteered to be parachuted behind Nazi lines - captured, endured months of merciless torture. She divulged no secrets and was executed. Her remains brought to Har Herzl. Her memory lives on as does her poetry which continues to move people. Symbol of idealism and self-sacrifice. Powerful film about a Jewish heroine. (2½ hrs)

Sponsored by Chanah Florin in honor of Hannah Shenesh zt"l, one of our great heroes. Hanna's demonstration of strength and courage was remarkable and her fortitude serves as a role model for all. May her memory be for a blessing.

Film donated to the Center by an extremely generous supporter of the JewishVideo program who wishes to remain anonymous

Tues, Feb 18 - 2:00 - The Pianist (2002) - True story of one of finest pianists in pre-World War II Europe. Confined with family in Warsaw Ghetto. Family deported to death camp, he escaped. Remained in hiding, lived in refuges of ever-decreasing quality provided by Gentile friends. Numerous encounters with Nazis, reduced to primitive living. Barely alive, he ultimately survived through acts of kindness from a most unlikely source. This powerful film shows the drive to live which exists within man and his ability to overcome the most unimaginable challenges. Nominated for seven Academy Awards. Won Best Actor. Considered by many to be finest Holocaust film; ranked on IMDB as one of the best movies of all time. Superb, moving film, all the more because true. Images will remain with you. Important, little-known information about the actual persons shared after the screening (2½ hrs/intermission)

Sponsored in loving memory of Natan ben Shimon a”s on his third Yahrzeit by his daughter. He was a deeply caring, righteous light of Am Yisrael.

Refreshments during intermission provided by an extremely generous supporter who wishes to remain anonymous

Wed, Feb 19 - 2:00 - Snow Falling On Cedars (1999) - First time showing - After World War II, on the west coast, a Japanese-American fisherman is accused of killing his neighbor. Racism and anger from Pearl Harbor and the war make a fair trial much less acquittal hopeless. Staff of the JewishVideo program loves this film! Deeply moving story; superb cast; brilliant acting. A hidden diamond of a film that will remain with you.(English/English subtitles-2 hrs)

Sponsored by Izhak and Yehudit Kotler Leilui Nishmat her Mother, Sara Chaya bat R' Shneir Isaac HaCohen a”h and her Father R' Refoel ben HaRav Yehuda Braver a”h

Post-screening talk/discussion by renowned lecturer on Jewish topics, psychologist and author, Dr. Lisa Aiken on how Judaism addresses the moral dilemmas and other challenges presented in the film


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