Dealing with a challenging child can be draining in so many ways. The typical parenting tools that work with the other children just don't seem to be cutting it. Feelings of hopelessness and anger start to fill your days. You might be wondering if there is even a solution out there and where can you turn. I myself have been down this path, and I can personally attest that there is a solution. I have a life changing program that can turn your difficult child into your best friend. Come learn these tools that will change your whole relationship and watch the defiance, explosions, and fighting melt away. 

Dealing with a Challenging Child? Explosions? Defiance?  Hyper sensitivity? Etc...
There is hope! Learn the proper tools for building a loving, peaceful, respectful relationship!
Gain the proper tools to help your child learn self-control, self-regulation, express his emotions in a healthy way, develop healthy self-esteem, show more compassion to siblings, begin to cooperate more easily etc..
These children have such beautiful strengths; together let's learn how to bring out their inner wealth.
I am currently offering a 7 part recording series for a discounted price of 100 shekels, including email support throughout the 7 weeks!!
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“Before using these tools I have given up all hope, in a way I was scared of my own child, his explosions, and lack of cooperation. These tools have transformed my whole home. My explosive child turned into a compassionate child who is really learning to self-regulate. I have become a more understanding, confident mother. I am so grateful to have been exposed to this type of parenting with these unique types of children.” 
“Chaya Stark's Parenting Workshop offers hands-on tools for open communication and building a positive relationship with your child, the building blocks toward a better and healthier future. I have found her classes to be extremely insightful, eye-opening, and a true help in dealing not only with "the challenging child" but with every child in the family.” 
“Even from the beginning, by just following a few tools, I have seen an improvement in my child’s behavior! Thank you!”
 "I found Chaya's classes to be practical, informative and very true to life. the ideas and concepts were presented clearly, with practical tools on how to implement them. the course changed my approach to parenting. In the past, I have read numerous parenting books though have not been successful in implementing change in my parenting skills. Chaya's classes were the missing link for me and taught me how to effectively use all the skills i had acquired."
"Chaya Stark's Parenting Workshop provides a veritable toolbox of skills and lots of practical applications for parents of young children. She is a wonderful facilitator and I left each meeting not only with more knowledge but buoyed with more energy as well. By slowly implementing her methods I am seeing change with my child/ren. It isn't always easy but in the long-run the methods that Chaya has taught are imbuing my household and children with a greater sense of calm and self-confidence."
"I took Chaya's Workshop and it has changed me as a mother, my relationship with my daughter, my daughter's behavior, and our home, all in a very positive way! Chaya's workshop does not only provide clear and practical tools which are easy to implement and really work, but Chaya also gives the workshop over in a very interesting and clear way providing many examples and helping each participant to be able to apply it to her individual situation. There is also lots of room for question and answer. I would highly recommend Chaya's workshop for every mother!"

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Certified Parenting Instructor, Shalom Bayis Coach, Narrative Therapist, Dissolving Negativity Facilitator, Certified Kallah Teacher