Unique Personalized Care for People With DEMENTIA & Homebound Seniors


Unique Personalized Care for People With DEMENTIA & Homebound Seniors


Cognitive/Dementia Care for Seniors  through meaningful activities, conversation and relaxation techniques

HAVRUTA one-on-one sessions  provide preventive and preservative cognitive care  for the elderly and for people with dementia (pre-clinical stage, mild cognitive impairment (MCI)  and first to second stage of dementia).

The sessions aim to slow down the loss of abilities and help in their preservation.  Personally tailored activities stimulate dormant skills and interests, addressing emotional, intellectual, spiritual and social needs.

HAVRUTA also provides guidance and support sessions for the family (and other caregivers) of people with dementia.


Clients Satisfaction

Michal kalish
3 years ago

We are extremely happy with Rachel "Havruta for the elderly" who has been teaching and caring for my 80 year old mother following a stroke, this past year. Her unique approach combining learning Torah, massage, music, relaxation techniques has borne wonderful results for my mother. We highly recommend Rachel as a professional and caring person.

Gedaliah Blum
review of Havtuta for Elders
4 years ago

The following review is being republished by Gedaliah Blum of Janglo. It is 100% legitimate.<br /> <br /> Author: chitaqita_gmail.com<br /> Date: 2015-02-03 08:06:29<br /> BSD<br /> <br /> Since my 84 year old mother is homebound I have been looking for ways to stimulate her mind and help her to feel she still has something to contribute. I came across the ad for Havruta for Elders by chance and the sessions have been just what we were looking for. Rachel has patience, sensitivity , the ability to to make a rapport with her "havruta".My mother"s birthday was coming up and together they learned from my mother"s parsha and found in it points that were relevant to her as a person The sessions are varied and tailor made for the elder"s needs. As a result we have seen dormant skills resurface. These sessions are the highlight of my mother"s week. Highly recommended