Adi Segal - professional photography


Adi Segal - professional photography

I am a documentary photographer & a wedding photographer.
I have 7 years of experience in wedding photography and 10 years of experience in documentary photography.  You can see a selection of my work here ->

I wold be very happy to accompany you on your wedding day! I approach wedding photography from a documantery aspect - trying to reflect the essence of the couple and their event with as little intereference as possible. 
 In the past I have worked with the top professionals in the wedding field in Israel: desginer Chris Weis and photographer Taly Ktzurin.
I will be very happy to be in touch as for collaboration in the coming  wedding season.I am available via mail: [email protected] or mobile +972542286122

*** I have experience in photographing ultra orthodox weddings ***

All the best,
Adi Segal, Documentary Photographer