Divorce and family law - Yisroel Abramov Rabbinical Pleader


Divorce and family law - Yisroel Abramov Rabbinical Pleader

Abramov & Busharian - Rabbinic law firm

Our firm specializes in legal representation in rabbinical courts, provides legal and professional mediation services for the divorce process, and provides comprehensive and personal counseling throughout the legal process.

We specialize in family law and personal status: divorce (parenting, division of time, alimony, property), prenuptial and marital agreements, known to the public, wills and inheritances, and more.

Experience in the field of family law along with a current and creative approach to conflict resolution, from sensitivity and understanding to the client's mind. Each client receives comprehensive counseling and personal guidance in and outside the legal process.

Our office provides service in Hebrew and English, and serves clients from all over the country. Each client receives comprehensive counseling and personal guidance in and outside the legal process.

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Yisroel Abramov is a certified Rabbinical pleader a graduate of the “Law Theory Institute” and a member of the Israel Rabbinic Pleader Association.

Rabbi Yisroel Abramov has been ordained to the post by the President of the Grand Rabbinic Court of Israel and also holds a rabbinate certification from the Chief Rabbinate of Israel.

Yisroel Abramov also serves as a certified legal Mediator and provides services in both the Hebrew and English languages.

Areas we can help you with:


Mediation is a dispute resolution process outside the court walls, through direct dialogue and agreement between the parties. In the mediation process, the mediator learns the dispute between the parties, and tries to find a "bridge" to resolve the dispute to the satisfaction of all parties. The entire mediation process is done with the consent of the parties, and each party may retire and leave the procedure.

Abramov-Bushrian rabbinic law firm provides top of the line mediation services , and will give you professional guidance and assistance towards settling the dispute to your satisfaction.


The divorce process is accompanied by intense and turbulent feelings of anger, revenge, insult and more, and in dealing with the emotions, practical questions need to be addressed. A rabbinic pleader has an advantage over a family law lawyer, since he is better acquainted with the halachic field, and specializes in Jewish law and rabbinical judgments.

The Abramov-Bushrian rabbinic law firm specializes in the divorce process, and can give you professional and discreet assistance to get the best result.

Child support – Alimony

One of the biggest challenges facing a couple in the process of divorce is the issue of "distributing alimony", this can cause a great deal of stress to the entire family.

The Abramov-Bushrian rabbinic law firm are experts in the field of child support and can give you the professional assistance you need in order to get the best results.

Child custody

Child custody cases are especially sensitive cases in the field of family law and have a great deal at stake. The significance of child custody is to determine the primary residence of the children, and there are many things that need to be taken into consideration.

The Abramov–Bushrian rabbinic law firm handles many custody cases including paternal and joint custody suits, while reaching major achievements in this area.


Arbitration is made between two (or more) parties, which are in dispute, with the parties wanting the arbitrator to decide and to settle the dispute. The function of the arbitrator is to decide in the dispute between the parties-just like a judge in the court.

Abramov-Bushrian rabbinic law firm specializes in arbitration, and can provide you with professional and discreet arbitration services.


Inheritance claims are highly complex, since they usually involve complex, charged relations between the parties as well as strong emotions, which often break out in crisis. In this field, feelings often outweigh economic, business and rational considerations, which makes it very difficult to manage the proceedings between the parties.

Our firm will help you get through this difficult time and will provide the necessary legal guidance to ensure the best results.

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