Tutoring-Virtual Classrooms-Extracurricular Study

Education Tutoring-Virtual Classrooms-Extracurricular Study

Impactful learning that will broaden your child’s education. Limudei Kodesh, Limudei Chol and extracurricular subjects. The choice is yours!


At the Virtual Cheider, we strive to provide the frum community around the world with an affordable option for their children’s Yeshiva Education. Our platform offers a virtual education experience with live classes and interactive learning and can allow your child to flourish in a full Yeshiva education through innovative programs, within the confines of קדושה.  

The Virtual Cheider is an independent entity and isn't currently affiliated with any institution. We assign fully vetted tutors, Rebbeim and teachers, that match the spirit of a Yeshiva environment. 

81fe1655-7fd5-4293-bd3b-92d5a09416b6.jpg  The program is endorsed by Rav Yitschak Berkovits שליט"א 

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