Volunteers Needed


Volunteers Needed
050-823-4745 [email protected] https://ezratavot.org
15A Hakisufim Ramot, Jerusalem

Seeking volunteers to assist in meal program for homebound elderly throughout Jerusalem. Activities include:

  1. Packing bags of dry goods food items
  2. Cutting vegetables for meal prep
  3. Packing meal portions

Tuesday, Oct 13, 10:30 AM- 4:30 PM any amount of time is appreciated.                                       Ezrat Avot, 15A Hakisufim, Ramot, next to the Ramot Mall on Golda Meir Highway. Parking available.                                                                  Bus access #31, 36, 64, 71.                                        Please call for details and registration. 050-823-4745. Thanks!


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