Seven Effective Ways of Saying "NO"


Seven Effective Ways of Saying "NO"
Virtual (Zoom, FB, Youtube, etc) 11/02/2021 Starts 20:30 Ends 21:15 20 NIS
[email protected] 052-7637029

Seminar on Zoom (for Men)

7 Effective Ways of Saying 'No"

(even with people who just won't take "no" for an answer!)

given by Rabbi Shlomo Kory
certified NLP Master-Practitioner

Sometimes it feels awkward to say "No"... Sometimes we feel intimidated
saying "No"... And, sometimes we are concerned that we might hurt or
insult the other person... And how does one deal with people who don't
give up and just keep asking and asking?

In this seminar we will learn different ways of expressing your "No" and
when each is appropriate.

this Thursday Rosh Chodesh Adar, Feb. 11, from 8:30--9:15 PM

20 shekels---for information or to register:
[email protected]


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