Occupational clinic


Sep 28, 2022 | Jobs | Health | Jerusalem & Area
Occupational clinic
Part Time

The Feuerstein Institute in Jerusalem - for the child development unit -

Our team of caregivers needs:

---Occupational clinic

Experience in the field of children is required.

3 working days a week. 08:30-15:00

Native Hebrew and English at a high level.

Additional languages ​​- an advantage

A pleasant work environment, cooperation in a multidisciplinary team, training studies using the Feuerstein method for the new employees.

The Feuerstein Institute's children's clinic provides solutions for children, teenagers and young adults with a wide range of disabilities. Children come to the clinic from all over the country and the world for diagnosis, daily treatments and guidance for the child's parents and staff members. The clinic staff works professionally and with an active approach in order to succeed in improving the learning abilities and realizing the potential of each and every child.

Please send resume to email:

[email protected]

Feuerstein Institute Association 


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