The most delicious chocolate boutique in Jerusalem

The Cocoa Forest is more than a chocolate shop - it is a magical boutique where forest animals decorate the packaging, the taste comes directly from nature, and the chocolate practically grows on the trees. In the cocoa forest, you can join unique chocolate workshops that will allow you to dive into a different reality, and visit a sweet world of childhood flavors and nostalgia that we all miss.

A variety of chocolate workshops for all ages

Join the experiential praline workshop of the Cocoa Forest - a workshop where you will fill pralines, close them, pack them, and along the way you will not stop tasting, laughing and learning about making quality chocolate. The praline workshop is intended for all ages: starting with children - who really enjoy making and tasting, and ending with adults who dive into a wonderful world of flavors in an exclusive boutique atmosphere. Are you a mint praline person or do you prefer salted caramel? In this workshop you can discover the unique chocolate range for each visitor.

In addition, the Cocoa Forest also hosts diverse workshops for adults: advanced workshops in chocolate processing, romantic chocolate workshops for couples, one-off workshops on varied and changing topics, and the highlight - an unforgettable chocolate and alcohol workshop.

Most of the workshops include a visit to the adjacent tiny chocolate factory. You won't believe how little the machines do in the cocoa forest, and how much manual labor is invested in the quality products there!

The workshops are held in a pleasant, accessible and air-conditioned space, with a coffee corner for your use and convenient toilets. In addition, you can rent the space for an event at the end of the workshop.

The cocoa forest chocolate boutique is a factory that produces a variety of quality , handmade chocolate products with exciting flavors.
In the boutique, we use only high-quality and natural raw materials: pure nuts, fresh freeze-dried fruits, and flavorful spices. We have no food colorings or preservatives, and the results speak for themselves.
We are always working on the development of new flavors and products, drawing inspiration from the nature around us.
The factory also hosts experiential and professional chocolate workshops for all ages.
All these, together with fancy kosher and deliveries to the entire country, make the cocoa forest products the perfect gift for any occasion and for any person.

2 Poalei Tzedek St. (Talfiot) Jerusalem | Etz Haim 7 (Mahane Yehuda Market) Jerusalem | 077-5581105 | [email protected] |

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