Stunning Slideshows of Your Simcha


Stunning Slideshows of Your Simcha

Shalom Friends

Still photos capture a moment in time. Video shares events as they happen. Each has its own advantages... but there's something that both lack...

Take your images captured throughout your life, display them image after image with moving music in the background and a host of transitions between each one - and you'll get a whole new look at an event or life itself - in a few minutes of time. It's like bringing still photo and video together while allowing for the "missing pieces" of video to be filled in as you imagine - filling in the blanks - of just how good things really were!

If you'd like a previous Simcha or even a story of your entire life captured in a professional stunning slideshow with background music, text, transitions and more - be sure to be in touch.

SPECIAL: Call to find out about our BUDGETED special: You provide up to 24 images for a 2-minute show, and the music you want - at a price you can afford!