Paint Party Events: We Bring the Painting Party to YOU!


Paint Party Events: We Bring the Painting Party to YOU!

Paint Party Events: Your Place. Your Party.

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Do YOU know why Painting Parties are SO popular in America?? Do YOU know that Paint Party Events is the FIRST Painting Party company in Israel to bring the Paint Party to you! Paint Parties are perfect for ANY occasion!


Paint parties are 2 hours of interactive, skill-boosting, confidence building fun! After voting on a painting, the fun begins. Seated at a table with a personal easel, each participant receives their own canvas, brush, and paints. 

From the very first trace, we are there to guide everyone with every brush stroke, every color choice, and every technique. We work in a step‐by‐step process, ensuring that everyone is always on track with the group. Food, drinks, and music are just some of the extras found at a paint party.


Please enjoy this short clip which will give you a better idea of what we do.

​At the end of the evening, every party member leaves with an unexpected boost of self‐confidence as well as a beautiful, professional‐looking painting which they created all by themselves. 


Paint Party Events are a great way to create a bonding experience for everyone!

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Looking forward to hearing from you!