SHIR B'IVRIT Hebrew course - Learn Hebrew through Song!


SHIR B'IVRIT Hebrew course - Learn Hebrew through Song!

One-of-a-kind Hebrew course that utilizes the power of music to incept our brain with more Hebrew! 

It's scientifically proven that learning through music can greatly benefit our language skills,  not to mention it's fun!

In this course you will:

-Learn to speak Hebrew like an Israeli and become familiar with lots of slang and conversational Hebrew.

-Have a better understanding of verbs and how they work.

- Listen to songs while improving your language skills in a relaxed and intimate environment. 

-Create a consistent learning habit that will infinitely upgrade your speaking skills and confidence.

This course is for you if:

* You've done traditional ulpan or have the basics of Hebrew.

* Your understanding of Hebrew is a bit of a balagan and you want to organize what you know already.

* You don't have so much time to invest.

* You want to enrich your understanding of Israeli culture through music.

90 minute weekly lessons - 10 weeks - small group

Morning and evening classes available.

*spots very limited* 

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