Abraham Amazalak Wedding Photography


Abraham Amazalak Wedding Photography

My name is Abraham Amzalak and I am a professional event photographer with over 20 years of experience in the field of photography.

I always seek the creative, unique and special details at each event. My aspiration is to build the frame I want with love, emotion and inspiration from nature. It is my privilege to photograph your most meaningful day.

There is no greater satisfaction then telling your story through the lens of my camera. The wedding album which I will create for you, will accompany you throughout the years. It will allow you to always remember the most beautiful moments. My staff and myself are here to record your event in the most professional, innovative and artistic way.

I am be happy to meet you and accompany you throughout your event.Feel free to contact me in order to schedule a meeting.

With a different angle and right timing we can capture unique pieces of art. My goal is to tell your story in the most faithful way, while paying attention to the small details which distinguish each and everyone of you.

I work closely with the most qualified experts in the field of photography, ensuring the highest standards in image processing and album design - delivering a unique and complete product.