Sass Video Productions


Sass Video Productions

Israel's premier wedding and event video professionals.

SASS Video Productions will professionally film your simcha or other memorable event and thereafter produce a unique, unforgettable, elegant movie.

ETIQUETTE – The SASS videographer never misses a shot at the wedding and gets shots other videographers may miss as they are on a cigarette or food break. The SASS videographer does not stop filming from the moment he arrives and you won't hear a cellphone ringing either. Yet his filming will be done discreetly, ensuring his clients enjoy their simcha by not getting in their way. He is also dressed appropriately, so attention is not drawn to him, but is focused on the simcha.PRICING: SASS Video packages have a price that does not change, even with overtime. No haggling, or negotiation, just a clear price with a detailed breakdown.

*** PLUS ***

NO EXTRA CHARGE for two-camera coverage;


NO EXTRA CHARGE for PAL/NTSC conversion.

PRODUCTION: No two SASS videos are the same; no boiler plate is used. The end product, expertly and carefully edited, will be a movie of some of the most identifying moments in your life. Don't risk not having that documented.

See SASS Video samples as well as "Israel's Road to Gold" (a 20 minute streaming video, documenting Israel's Olympic history) at:


SASS VIDEO uses only state of the art broadcast quality video equipment, with 3 chip digital cameras and wireless audio mikes. Many SASS VIDEO clients have said that they were glad they had made the investment in a video, because the day of their simcha seemed like a blur and the video helped them recapture all of the sights, sounds and emotions of their very special day.

When hiring a videographer, remember this is an investment you are making that you will hand over to your children and grandchildren. Please don’t make the mistake of hiring a videographer that is not a true professional in their craft and hire someone that can capture those special moments of your day that you will relive over and over again.