The Shrink Bar


The Shrink Bar
03-554-8648 [email protected]
King George 2, Tel Aviv

Compress into the "shrinking world" of Tel Aviv and absorb the city from a higher perspective. Overlooking the Shuk Hacarmel and in between Shenkin and King George, the new Shrink Bar on the second floor offers a contemporary atmosphere with warm vibes and a backdrop that characterizes all that is true in the Tel Aviv scene.

Located on the Corner of one of Tel Aviv's busiest intersections, in the heart of hustle and bustle of Tel Aviv, the Shrink Bar sets the benchmark for what the Tel Aviv, bar and event scene has to offer.

Positioned on the Corner of King George, Shenkin and Allenby overlooking the entrance to Shuk Ha Carmel,The Shrink Bar is a stunning location with views and décor ensuring a sophisticated yet relaxing atmosphere.

Book your next function at The ShrinkBar to make sure you and your guests have a fantastic time! Whether it be a 21st, 50th, engagement party or just a get together with some friends, we will cater to your every need and make your night a memorable one.

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