Digital Camera - please donate to free dental clinic


Digital Camera - please donate to free dental clinic

Most people are no longer using their digital cameras. I know! You have one on your phone and so do I! True, true. However, DVI, the only totally free dental clinic in Israel (yes! such a thing exists! the world is crazy and at least some of it is in a good way!), is constantly taking pictures of our volunteer dentists (I know, crazy!) and our digital camera just died. Everyone who works here has an overly full phone of pictures, nobody wants more on their phones, and we like to download the pictures once a week for efficiency.  Replacing our digital camera does not seem worthwhile when people are literally throwing them out, but...we use ours EVERY DAY. Please give us yours?

Dental Volunteers for Israel provides free dental care and oral hygiene education to thousands of at-risk youth and free dentures to needy elderly and Holocaust Survivors in wider Jerusalem area every year, thanks to the benevolent support from our friends and visiting volunteer dentists from Israel and around the world.


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