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050-8750526, 03-9090028, 02-6724842 [email protected]

"Yinon Locks" Yinon, a member of the Israeli Locksmith Association, specializes in fitting and repairing locks. Every job is done to a high standard and only the best materials are used.

Our Services include:  

     ·Repair and replace all types of locks.

·Replacement of Cylinders

·Installation of special locks against break-ins.

·Repair of all types of doors

·Opening of locked doors, safes and locks with minimum damage

·Opening and replacing locked metal security bars

·Opening of car door locks

·Installation of combination locks

·Rekey existing locks

We serve the Jerusalem, Modiin, Shoham, Elad, Petach Tikva and Givat Shmuel areas.

For details and free estimates call Yinon 050-8750526

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