Noam Gad Licensed Exterminator


Noam Gad Licensed Exterminator

Welcome to our Pest Control Services
15 years of experience in the field of pesticides.


Sanitary pest control for homes, institutions, communities, and various businesses.
The company uses only materials approved by the Ministry of Environmental Protection, low odor and low risk substances for humans and pets.

Prior to each job, the customer is asked by the exterminator to prevent any mishaps, and the customer's questioning of the sensitivity they know and the customer's briefing avoid unpleasantness that may be caused.

Even after the end of the pest control, the client receives written and oral instructions to maintain their safety and health, as well as instructions for each case on how to make the pesticide stay more effective over time and how to avoid future pests.

The service area in and around Jerusalem includes Mevaseret Zion.​

Metzuda extermination company.
License to exterminate insects and rodents in the house, garden and in businesses.
Permit #2090 by the Health and Environment ministry.


Noam Gad 
Tel: 058-7473010
Email: [email protected]