Air Mold, Leak and Water Damage experts


Air Mold, Leak and Water Damage experts

Now offering Corona, Mold and bacteria killing natural treatments!

Sick of mold and water damage coming back every year?

Sick of different contractors saying different things every time?

Sick of irresponsible and unreliable contractors?

Let us detect and solve the problem once and for all.

 We are Israel's first English speaking full-service Water Damage, leak and mold remediation service.

We provide

Mold removal and prevention for all budgets!

Waterproofing Solutions at all hights for all buildings!

Signature leak detection system to both evaluate the issue and provide our solution!

Reports for both Insurance and Courts.

Our customer service rating is 5 star!!!

Contact us now to solve your problems, the quickest and easiest way possible!

or send us a Watsapp video for an immediate quote!

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Clients Satisfaction

Adina Korn
1 year ago

Josh and his team were great. Accommodated to work within my budget, but also my deadline and time frame. They did a special treatment to take care of the mold on my walls before starting the paint job. Great customer service and personality! I highly recommend their service for your next painting project

Adina Korn
1 year ago

Great customer service and personality! I highly recommend their service for your next painting project

Janglo News
Amazing for Leak detection and fixing
5 years ago

Earlier this year we had a leak in our bathroom from the apartment above. There was a lot of water on the floor and the ceiling/wall was destroyed and crumbling down. The manager of the apartment upstairs sent about 10 "plumbers" and painters and one professional guy with an infrared camera to find the leak over a 4 month span - with a hole in the ceiling/wall for most of the time. They all had different answers and nothing helped. Then the water came down again. The original infrared guy said not to check the area when wet?! so I gave up and took matters into my own hands. I called Josh and explained the situation on Thursday. Within about 2 hours he was at my house and within an hour he found the actual problem in the neighbors apartment. Sunday he brought out his plumber and they fixed the problem. We have had no issues since. The manager of the apartment told me he was upset at me for waiting this long to find this guy. I highly recommend Josh and Paramount Paints. The price was a lot less than the other guy and he found and fixed the problem.

Great work
5 years ago

Professional and good customer service. A prompt and very well-done job. Overall a very positive experience. Highly recommended.

Bracha Bennett-Garland
Great work
6 years ago

We were happy with the work done. Professional and polite. We recommend Paramount Paints for water damage repair and general paintwork.

avi friedman
Worth every cent!!!!!!
9 years ago

By far the best paint job I have ever had done. Although not the cheapest job I was happy to pay for the quality job I got in return. call Josh ASAP you won't regret it.

Chava Levine
Wonderful paint job
9 years ago

Before Josh showed up, we had cracks, water damaged crumbling walls, and a hideous brown-orange paint job that was poorly done by yours truly. Within one day of calling him, Josh showed up and gave a very reasonably priced estimate. 2 days later, the cracks were repaired, the walls were fixed, and, best of all, our teeny tiny living room looks bright and airy. Our apartment looks like new! Thanks, Josh.

ayala levin-kruss
Great Job
9 years ago

Josh painted our bathroom and one partially underground room. In both rooms there was discoloration from damp and he used a special paint guaranteed to protect against the damp returning for five years. We didn't have to worry about moving furniture or after, and were very happy with his attention to detail. Thanks!

Shoshana Kahan
Really superb!
9 years ago

Josh can't and won't stop working until the job is perfect and until he has completely cleaned up. Moreover, he is incredibly flexible in working around your needs -- no demands that you thoroughly prep the room; he'll just move the furniture for you if you didn't get there first. No complaints or demands for extra pay (one painter who was recommended to us made a big deal over the price being related to what he had to move around for us.) He even put all the furniture back when he was done! He knows what you're hoping your house will look like when he's finished, and that's what he aims to provide.

Riva Sperling
Great Job
9 years ago

We had very serious cracks. Josh used professional filler and did a lovely job finishing the walls before painting. He seemed to know what he was talking about - certainly not just a man who can slap paint around, but did a real job of preparing the walls for the job. A mensch who is polite, works very clean and didn't leave us with cleaning up or returning furniture to it's place. We can happily recommend him.

Eliezer and Sarah Divash
top quality job
9 years ago

Josh painted our apartment. He did a great job, and was very professional, and paid attention to detail. He cleaned up everything very well, and worked very conscientiously. I would highly recommend him!

Moshe Mark Freedenberg
10 years ago

We had Josh paint our living room and kitchen right before Pesach and he did a good job considering the fact that he was under a tight time deadline for us.

leah veffer
Highly Recommend Paramount Paints
10 years ago

To anyone who is looking for American quality and customer service, Josh is the painter for you. He was careful to cover everything in the room, and paid extreme attention to details - like painting perfectly around outlets, light switches, the floor lining - you know, the things that somehow get overlooked by most painters here in Israel. For the unbelievable quality that he provides, we were shocked at how affordable he was. Overall excellent job!

11 years ago

Joshua is amazing! Great guy, super reliable...and did I mention an A painter? Super professional job done to the highest quality standard. Thanks Joshua!

joshua eidelshtein
Client Referals
11 years ago

Michele Wechsler - ‎"I had Josh paint almost my entire house. He was amazing. He did a wonderful job quickly, neatly and professionally. I would highly recommended him!!!!"