Sima Steak House 1969


Sima Steak House 1969
Agripas St 82, Jerusalem

Sima's story...

Sima immigrated from Iraq in the early 1950s and has always "had it" with regard to cooking, business sense and holding a joy for life. In 1969 Sima established the Jerusalem restaurant on Agripas Street in the Mahane Yehuda market, which proudly bore her name - Sima.

Initially, the restaurant was based on home cooking and satisfied the hunger of the market workers. Over the years, the restaurant's name has become the mixed Jerusalem diner and the dining crowd expanding beyond the capital's inhabitants.

Today, Sima (the woman) is a great-grandmother and a grandmother in Jerusalem, and we hope her strength will be for many more years to come!

Come to Sima's to enjoy a wide range of delicous homey food in the center of Jerusalem!