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Jerusalem Movers Services all of Israel. Call Jerusalem Movers for a free estimate.


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Moving Estimate

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Things to consider about your move;

jerusalemmoversJerusalem movers

For Jerusalem Movers to provide you with a more accurate estimate over the telephone we will need some detailed information.

Boxes and Packaging Material

Jerusalem Movers

How many boxes will you require and the size and uses for the boxes?
For instance large boxes are good for bedding and curtains and are not suitable for books or other heavy objects.
You should estimate how many boxes you need and if you want Jerusalem Movers can provide them for you.
Packaging material such as tape, foam plastic and bubble wrap are standard in most moves.

Who will do the packing?

Jerusalem Movers
You should also consider if you want to do the packing yourself and save money or do you want Jerusalem Movers to do it for you so you can relax knowing it is professionally done for you?

How Many Large Items Do you have?

Jerusalem Movers

Furniture appliances and machinery

This category is for anything that requires two or more movers.
Are using a washer and dryer a refrigerator sofas beds? this should all be itemized for us to make a better estimate over the telephone.

Dismantle Disassemble and re installation

Dismantle Disassemble

Do you have a TV or heavy artwork on the wall that needs to be dismantled and installed at your new place?
Do you have furniture or other items that require some dismantling prior to moving?

Stairs and access

Jerusalem Movers

Are there any steps involved?  How many?  Is it a wide stairway and access or is it confined?  Are we able to talk to truck in front or will we require dolly and carting?

What about Painting or Repairs?

Jerusalem Movers

Jerusalem Movers can do any painting repairs modifications and installations before you move in. Our team of expert renovators can do anything from a fresh coat of paint, new floors, tiles kitchen cabinets or even tear down or add a new wall.

Make a list of what you have

For a more accurate estimate over the telephone make a list of what furnishings and appliances you have of how many boxes large medium that you’ll need to move as well as if you have anything that needs to be dismantled or uninstalled and if you want it reinstalled in the new place.

Now relax and leave the stress to Jerusalem Movers, our years of experience and experienced career employees makes Jerusalem Movers the no nonsense choice for your important move.

Jerusalem movers is licensed bonded and insured for your protection.

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