Terminal JLM


Terminal JLM
+972.54.5481040 [email protected] http://facebook.com/terminalJLM
David Remez 4, The First Station

The Terminal is part of the First Station compound, located in its historic 1892 building where passengers used to wait for the arrival of the train. 

Today, The Terminal serves as a coffee shop and communal workspace, as well as a bar, an art gallery, and a music /event venue—hosting locals and tourists alike. We aim to be an accessible space for artistic innovation, human connection, and interesting encounters.

The Terminal is open 7 days a week, serving a dairy menu and wide variety of beverages. On Saturday, a special Shabbat menu is on offer, boasting traditional Jewish foods like cholent, couscous+vegetables, kugel, and jahnun (all on the plata before Shabbat); this menu is available to Sabbath-observers as well, either by payment arrangement before or after Shabbat, and is meant to encourage all to feel comfortable in the communal aspects of Shabbat.

To inquire about booking our space for your event (workshops, lectures, conferences, shows, launches, parties—we can accommodate all sorts of celebrations and happenings!) please contact Avsha at +972.54.5481040.