House shopping/cooking assistant


House shopping/cooking assistant
Part Time
[email protected]
Ramat Aviv Gimel Tel Aviv

  1. Looking for a household assistant to help with end of week and Shabbat meal prep:
  2. shop at nearby supermarket-
  3. assist with cooking (chop, peel, wash pots)
  4. LIGHT cleaning after meal prep which consists of dusting and vaccuuming . (No bathrooms as there is a cleaning lady who comes another day)

Apartment is located in Ramat Aviv Gimel, near the university and near public transportation

English or Hebrew Speaker.  Employer speaks fluent English

Wednesday 9am-2pm

60/shekels per hour= 300 shekels for 5 hours

Perfect for student or stay at home mom. 

This is a great opportunity to learn how to prepare new recipes as the employer cooks a variety of meals and just needs help with the ingredient supermarket shop and food prep.

Please contact [email protected]


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