Women Writers for Torah Content Website


Nov 07, 2023 | Jobs | Writing | International
Women Writers for Torah Content Website
Freelance / Contractor

Tzofia, a brand new Torah content website providing deep, authentic and thought-provoking ideas for English-speaking Jewish women across the globe, is seeking 2 new women content writers to join its team.

This is a freelance position, and is meant for those who have an Osek Patur/Murshei in Israel, or who are business owners abroad and able to issue an invoice.

This is a brand new website, with limited budget. Articles are paid 100 NIS each, with room for growth in the future.

Each article should be around 1000 words, and convey a clear message of Chizuk and empowerment for women.


-Young women writers excited to be part of this unique project

-Previous writing experience

-Ability to write once a week

-Excellent writing skills

-Excellent knowledge of Torah concepts and sources

-Passion for writing and giving Chizuk to women

-Responsiveness, ability for self-criticism and willingness to write on different topics

Here are the topics that are currently needed for the website:

-Women in post-biblical Jewish history until the modern era

-Controversial topics that people are scared to talk about (Get, women's testimony in Halacha, birth control, women's role in Judaism, etc)

To apply, please send writing samples to [email protected]


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