Wig stylist/seller


Nov 21, 2021 | Jobs | Beauty | Jerusalem & Area
Wig stylist/seller
Freelance / Contractor
5553709 [email protected]

I am looking for a talented wig stylist to style and sell my wigs from her home- I have a business selling second hand and new wigs and I am looking for someone to sell on commission. This is an amazing opportunity for someone with time and skill to use my wigs to make profit, without financial outlay! Also to get your name out and to gain future wig clients who will use your styling services in the future, and to gain amazing experience dealing with wigs and dealing with people. Please email and tell me (1) about your experience with styling wigs (send some sample photos), (2)about your availability (which days and hours you could devote to this-- I am ideally looking for someone who does not have another job and this would be the full time job), (3) where you are located, and (4) if you have space in your home to store the wigs and see clients. [email protected]


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