CompuTip - Do You LIke PUPs? T-354


CompuTip - Do You LIke PUPs? T-354

You shouldn't .  PUPs are Potentially Unwanted Programs . 


"These are software programs belonging to a threat classification based on reputation and research-driven identification. They are typically Crapware or Bundleware, and such software that you really do not want on your system, and which could potentially do more harm than good." 

One of my clients recently had a program installed on his daughter's computer which showed lewd content in Hebrew.  He asked me to remove the program AND make sure that it doesn't return. It wasn't a virus and his antivirus program didn't get rid of it.
Here is an easy way to test your computer for PUP vulnerability:  Try downloading the PotentiallyUnwanted.exe program from here.  If you succeed in downloading the program YOUR COMPUTER IS NOT PROTECTED.

If your computer is vulnerable, call me for help.  I charge my usual hourly fee.

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