Female cleaner with Israeli bank account


Female cleaner with Israeli bank account
Part Time
[email protected]
Mevasseret Tzion


Hello we are looking for a female cleaner to come twice a week for about three hours each (about 6 hours total a week).  Must be legal to work here and have Israeli bank account.  In the beginning we will pay cash, and then if it works for both, I  have to switch to paying 'on the books' directly into your bank account.

I live in Mevasseret Tzion which is about a 12-15 minute bus ride away from the Jerusalem central bus station.  Pretty easy to get here.

We pay 50 NIS an hour plus transportation.

If you are seriously interested, please email me which days and hours you are available and two references.  Please also dress modestly (pants and longer skirts are both okay; if hair is covered, we kindly ask to come with headscarf/hat).




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