Looking for Women Writers for Torah Content Website


Jan 21, 2021 | Jobs | Writing | International
Looking for Women Writers for Torah Content Website
Freelance / Contractor
[email protected]


We are about to launch a new Torah content website dedicated to Jewish women. The goal of the website is to provide Chizuk to English-speaking Jewish women across the globe, and empower them with more knowledge and love of Torah.

This is a freelance position, and the position is for those who have an Osek Patur/Murshe in Israel, or who are freelancers if they are abroad. This is a non-profit website, which has not yet been launched, so the salary is minimal for now, but there is room for growth.

Here are the requirements:

-Young women writers (no experience needed), excited to be part of this unique project, and who understand that the remuneration is low for now, but can be increased once the website will gain popularity

-Ability to write once a week or once every 2 weeks

-Excellent writing skills

-Knowledge of Torah concepts

-Passion for writing and giving Chizuk to women

-Responsiveness, ability for self-criticism and willing to write on different topics.

Here are some examples of topics to write on:

-Weekly parsha/Jewish holidays

-Biblical women

-Personal stories of growth


-Women & Halakha

-And more!

To apply, please send writing samples to [email protected]


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