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Next two tours
Physical 22/03/2022 22/03/2022 Starts 10:00 Ends 14:00 70 NIS
[email protected] 0522352724
1075 ocean parkway, 4d Brooklyn

Sunday, April 3

Depart from the Inbal Hotel at 8:30

Return approx. 6:00

Cost 280 shekels

This will be a day of Tanach, archeology, pioneer settlement, and sheer beauty of places off the beaten track.

This day will take you to places you will not visit on your own.

We travel south down the "Patriarchs and Matriarchs'' road from Yerushalayim towards the Hebron Hill country.

Passing places right out of the Bible

We will first visit the "Maan farm" and meet a special young family raising grapes and creating very special wines from the blessed fruit of the Hebron hills. He will share his unique story with us and we can literally taste the fruit of the bible.

From there we will visit Susiya. a well excavated and preserved Jewish town from the Talmudic period. Archeological jewels include an exquisite synagogue mosaic floor, workshops, secret escape routes, ritual baths .. and much more.

This site attests to the dogged yet rich Jewish life that existed on the frontier of the desert during times of persecution and the long exile in our land.

We continue south to the northern Negev desert to the beautiful Lahav forest, the largest one in the Negev.

We shall be the guests of the "Hashomer Hachadash '' who help protect small Jewish farms in the forest from the constant threat of Bedouins in the area. They will guide us through the beautiful forest and share with us the challenges and rewards of pioneering this frontier area.

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Understanding the soul of the Jewish state

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